My equipment

Only professional Sound and Light Equipment. Everything is imported from Germany to ensure best possible quality.

  • Active Speakers

    The optimum choice for live sound situations where an exceptional full range, outstanding bass reproduction and accurate high frequency delivery is required.

  • Active Subwoofer

    Compact and powerful bass reflex subwoofer in a robust plywood housing with deep and punchy tuning for a powerful bass.

  • Lights

    Compact LED lighting systems for perfect ambient lighting with integrated sound control for stage lighting

  • Microphones

    Dynamic vocal microphones, wireless and wired. Perfect sound for singing and speaches

  • Mixer & EQ

    Professional high quality Mixer and Equalizer. Perfect to connect external Sources, such as Bands and Singers  

  • DJ Facade

    Make a lasting impression at your Event. My custom Facade is for use with LED lights to give you an endless combination of visual effects.